Alchemy of New Life is a new and holistic approach to childbirth based in Amsterdam and The Hague. 

We recognize that the processes of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum are exactly that, a process. It is not a straight line from a-z; it is a different and personal experience for every person; it is a transformation for all involved: it is alchemy.

We believe that in approaching childbirth as a transitional process we can meet you where you are and give you the tools to work your way through, lean into the process and prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your childbirth.

We realize that we experience childbirth within the local Dutch context, with all its logistic, social and cultural ramifications. It is important for us to help you understand this context in order to navigate giving birth in the Netherlands according to your needs and wishes.

We work with you on a mental/intellectual level, as well as on an embodied/physical and emotional level. We share information and experiences, we take time for reflective exercises and accompany you on your way through pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent.

We offer workshops, courses, supporting products and one-on-one consultations.